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Marketing is a lot like chess, it requires a specific plan of coordinated action that can be modified based on changes that are happening in your industry, as well as the general business climate, or economic changes in your area of operation, or even changes in your business.  You may have someone internally already doing your marketing, but how often do they step back, look at your objectives, and ask themselves "Could I be doing anything more effectively?"  

Effective marketing requires a coordinated effort coming to the customer/prospect from multiple sources.  It takes a lot to get you and your business securely implanted into their mind.

No company places just one ad, and then waits for the phone to ring off the hook.  As large and well known as McDonald's, Ford, Chrysler and others might be, they don't run just one ad . . . they run multiple ads.  Repeatedly.  Week after week.  Month after month.  All year long.

I was talking with one owner and I asked if he ever did direct mail.  His answer was, "Tried it once, but nothing happened."  He was astonished when I told him that direct mail needed to be repeated month-after-month to become effective.  His jaw hit the floor.

You should know your business completely, but don't assume you know my business - marketing.  Let's work together to improve your bottom line.

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